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A Horse and the eraser tool

  • Category: Gimp
  • Published: Monday, 03 July 2017 16:48
  • Written by Super User
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A widely used technique is to obscure part of an image and then use the eraser tool to reveal some of the image below. This can be very effective and is not too difficult to achieve.



I have seen this effect used with Photoshop but it is an effect that can also be obtained using Gimp. Let’s see how…. This will introduce a number of useful tools.


Start Gimp and load the image

Having started Gimp I opened my  horse image using “open as layers” command. The picture is too big for this web page so I used “image, scale image”. Replace the larger dimension with 400 pixels. The height and width are locked together so both will be reduced in proportion. If it now seems too small in the edit screen use the “view, zoom” commands to make the smaller image fill the edit screen.

horse new layer 400

Create a new transparent layer above the original layer, making the new layer the “active” layer. The lower image will remain unchanged while all changes will be applied to this new layer. Changing the opacity makes it easier to work with content on the lower layer

horse opacity 50 400


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