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photographer in silhouette
                              Photographer in silhouette

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  • Published: Friday, 30 June 2017 20:58
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Working with images often involves merging two or more layers. Unfortunately, the sharp edges of the layers are often visible to the eye. Techniques such as "feathering" are used to soften these joins.

The eye is very good at detecting regular shapes such as straight-lines, squares and circles. An irregular shape with gentle curves it is far less visible. (incidentally, the same technique works well with wallpaper when decorating!).

A more powerful approach is to work with selections. In addition to selecting standard shapes it is possible to use the intelligent scissors, or the path tool, to create the shape. I will cover their use in more detail in another article. It is also possible to select by colour.

truck 2
In  this example I used the top menu (layers, duplicate) create a second identical layer. Using the top menu (windows, dockable dialogues, layers) you can see the two layers. Clicking the eye symbol will make a layer appear/disappear. The active layer is shown as coloured.


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