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Say Cheese

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  • Published: Tuesday, 11 July 2017 15:56
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I will admit that I wasn’t too optimistic when I first saw this device but I now see that it may be useful.

Before the mobile phones the choice was between expensive, professional cameras or cheap cameras of variable quality. However, there was a niche for these cheap cameras because of they could be used to capture informal images at short notice. This immediacy could provide unique images.


Early mobile phones followed this model being able to capture medium quality, informal images but more modern smartphones have evolved much higher technical specifications and include powerful image-processing software. They can provide close to professional quality images.


So where does Say Cheese fit in?

On opening the box we find

  • a light array with four LEDs

  • a charging cable connecting to a USB socket

  • simple plastic light diffuser

  • carrying pouch

  • a mount for use with hot shoe cameras.

Contents of say Cheese kit


In use the light array plugs into the smartphone’s aux/head-phone socket. A simple switch on the light array enable selection between three brightness levels. It is claimed that each charge will support around 500 flashes.


When used with a selfie stick the light array plugs into the headphone socket on the selfie stick. The LED array will flash in synchronisation with the button on the wired selfie stick


Experience in use.

The full array is truly bright and the ability to reduce this is essential to cover a wide range of lighting conditions. Say Cheese also functions well as a flash unit producing crisp well-lit images.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the sharp lines and deep shadows that can come along with the simple use of flash. I was not convinced that the cheap plastic diffuser would have much effect. In fact the diffuser did provide a much softer light and (in my opinion) much more pleasing images.



Say Cheese is a useful flash unit for use with smartphones and is available at a very attractive price. My only concern is that most people won’t carry the flash with them! However, it would be worth remembering to take along to an event where there will be lots of people to photograph.

Score 9/10

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